Curriculum materials on HubICL

We’ve uploaded a complete set of Transculturation curriculum materials on HubICL.

We’ve recently updated a complete set of the Transculturation curriculum materials on CILMAR’s HubICL:

Transculturation in Introductory Composition

  1. Instructor manual: Describes the structure of the linked courses, the learning outcomes, and the four key curricular interventions of our model. 24pp. 
  2. Implementation guide: Designed to help writing program administrators adapt our model to a variety of curricular structures and contexts. 13pp. 
  3. Online course delivery plan: Guidance for adapting the curriculum to the modular approach typical for online and hybrid instruction. 19pp. 
  4. Sample materials: Collated sample syllabi and assignments using the Transculturation model, presented as a single document. Individual files are also available. 24pp.

We remain grateful for CILMAR’s generous support of our project.